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Youth Programs

Sarnia Lambton Rebound is committed to supporting young people in reaching their full potential.  We support youth who are experiencing difficulties at home, school or with the law. Our unique program design incorporates trained community volunteers to act as mentors and positive role models to youth.

At Sarnia-Lambton Rebound, we are committed to developing evidence-based services and programs. We stay current with the latest literature and research to ensure our programs are delivered in the most effective manner. Rebound provides a series of six youth and three parenting programs that focus on building confidence, making healthy decisions and improving communication.

Evidence Based Practices

From research with Canadian youth and Canadian programs, significant advances have been made in examining what works and doesn’t work in intervening with youth engaged in risky behaviours. 
Experts in youth justice now agree on the major causes of youth crime and the most effective methods to make a positive difference with young people. Recent research has demonstrated that early interventions can work and that punitive sanctions are ineffective in reducing crime.  In fact punitive sanctions have been proven to increase recidivism.
Research has also identified the elements of effective programming. These elements include such items as:
  Programming is based on areas such as antisocial attitudes, values, beliefs, substance use, antisocial peer associations, school failure, dysfunctional parenting.
  Programming is tailored such that there is less intensive service for lower at risk youth.
  Programs are delivered in a community setting and actively involve youth and their family.
  Programs are structured and focus on concrete behavioural goals and are skill based.
  Programs build on the strengths of youth and family.
  Programs are offered in a timely and realistic manner.
  Individuals delivering the programs are selected with care and provide meaningful support and that they represent pro-social role models.

Supporting Youth, Strengthening Community
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Youth Action

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